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Mống Cái-Cà Mau

Leg 1: Mống Cái-Tiên Yên

Leg 2: Tiên Yên-Hạ Long

Leg 3: Hạ Long-Hải Phòng

Leg 4: Hải Phòng-Nam Định

Leg 5: Nam Định-Thanh Hóa

Leg 6: Thanh Hóa-Vinh

Leg 7: Vinh-Kỳ Anh

Leg 8: Kỳ Anh-Đồng Hới

Leg 9: Đồng Hới-Huế

Leg 10: Huế-Đà Nẵng

Leg 11:  Đà Nẵng Quảng Ngãi

Leg 12: Quảng Ngãi-Bồng Sơn

Leg 13: Bồng Sơn-Quy Nhơn

Leg 14: Quy Nhơn-Tuy Hòa

Leg 15: Tuy Hòa-Nha Trang

Leg 16: Nha Trang-Phan Rang

Leg 17: Phan Rang-Đà Lạt

Leg 18: Đà Lạt-Bảo Lộc

Leg 19: Bảo Lộc-Sài Gòn

Leg 20: Sài Gòn-Cần Thơ

Leg 21:  Cần Thơ-Cà Mau

Leg No. 19:  Bảo Lộc-HCM (Sài Gòn) (185 km).

You will continue biking southwest on Highway 20 towards the towns of Ma Ða Gui, Tân Phú, Ðịnh Quán, Biên Hòa, and TP HCM.  You will leave the Central Highlands to enter the Southeast zone.

This is the final leg of the Hà Nội to HCM cycling route.  The travel distance on this leg is approximately 185 km and is the longest of all the trans-Vietnam bike legs.  Not only will this be a long biking day, but it will also be one of the hottest.  Remember you are traveling south on this trip.  As you travel further down, the weather becomes increasingly hot.  Temperature in South Vietnam can easily climb into the 90s (degree F) by midday.  Since it is a long biking day, you will have to start out early if you want to get into Sài Gòn before night falls.  We usually begin this ride before sun rise after a hefty breakfast at the hotel.  The start of this ride is similar to the last ride.  As soon as you leave Bảo Lộc, you will descend on what will be the last mountain range of the highlands.  This is a long descent, over 10 km.  Once you finished the descent, the road will take you into the province of Ðồng Nai where the terrain is relatively flat and rolling.  Since you are leaving the highlands of Vietnam, the climate will drift from cool mountain air to that of humid and hot sea level air.  On this ride, the hot weather will cause you to perspire a lot and lose water.  As a precaution, drink a lot on this ride so your body stays hydrated throughout the day.  And since it is a long ride, eat plenty of food along the way, but be wary of fruits such as jack fruit and durian, since they may be difficult for the stomach to digest.  The food will provide the needed nourishment and energy to get you and your bike into Saigon.

The road on this ride will go from near empty to pack with motorists.  As you near HCM, the road will be extremely congested and loud with humming of motor bikes and cars on both sides of the road.  The hordes of motor bikes and people can be intimidating.  You will feel trap and packed inside a sea of people and vehicles.  And there is very little room to maneuver between you and the person next to you.  Because it is so congested, you will likely brush along side with one or two motorist.  Don’t be alarmed; there is no way to avoid this mishap.  Remember to be cautious and extremely vigilant, so you won’t run into any serious accidents.  Having biked 1800 km and spending many days with one another, try to stay relatively close to each other when near the city of HCM.  In a group, you are less likely to get lost and will feel relatively safe.  The accomplishment of this leg is two fold.  One, you will have successfully completed the longest leg of the bike ride; and two, you will have completed the trans-Vietnam bike ride.  After so many days on the road, your mission and the passion that drove you to it are finally realized.