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Mekong River Delta

Leg 1: Sài Gòn-Mỹ Tho

Leg 2: Mỹ Tho-Trà Vinh

Leg 3: Trà Vinh-Sóc Trăng

Leg 4: Sóc Trăng-Cà Mau

Leg 5: Cà Mau-Rạch Giá

Leg 6:  Rạch Giá-Châu Đốc

Leg 7: Châu Đốc-Cao Lãnh

Leg 8: Cao Lãnh-Tân An

Leg 9: Tân An-Sài Gòn

Vietnamese (Home)

Leg No. 8:  Cao Lãnh-Tân An (99 km).

You will continue biking East on Highway 30 toward the towns of Mỹ Thọ, Cái Bè, Cai Lậy.  After you reach the town of Mỹ Thọ you veer left to take a small, asphalt paved country road.  When this road intersects the provincial road 846 (Kinh Tháp Mười Road), turn right to head East on 846 road.  The provincial road 846 is smaller than Highway 30, but it is much more scenic and is less congested.  The road took us through the small towns of My An and Mỹ Phước.  Both sides of the road contain rice paddies and neandering rivers and lakes surrounded on top by flowering lotus.  The people are also friendly.  We lunched at what is probably the best homemade "bánh xèo" rest stop on our trip.  The road on this route is, however, small and narrow.  Although mostly paved, there are stretches were the road is comprised of dirt and gravel.  During one stretch, the road is sandy and unbearable to ride our bikes.  Instead, we walked and pushed the bikes through about 50 meters of sandy road.  There is a collapsed bridge on this ride, so you end up riding a small ferry to get across to the other side in order to continue the journey into Tân An.  The plus side of this collapsed bridge is less motor vehicles on the road since they are unable to use the bridge.

Tân An is the captital of Long An province.  The town lies next to the Vàm Cỏ Tây River.  There are many industries in this town.  As such, there are many people going back and forth to work.  Ride carefully when entering this town, espcially if you reach it during dark.  There tend to be many people on the road.