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Mống Cái-Cà Mau

Leg 1: Mống Cái-Tiên Yên

Leg 2: Tiên Yên-Hạ Long

Leg 3: Hạ Long-Hải Phòng

Leg 4: Hải Phòng-Nam Định

Leg 5: Nam Định-Thanh Hóa

Leg 6: Thanh Hóa-Vinh

Leg 7: Vinh-Kỳ Anh

Leg 8: Kỳ Anh-Đồng Hới

Leg 9: Đồng Hới-Huế

Leg 10: Huế-Đà Nẵng

Leg 11:  Đà Nẵng Quảng Ngãi

Leg 12: Quảng Ngãi-Bồng Sơn

Leg 13: Bồng Sơn-Quy Nhơn

Leg 14: Quy Nhơn-Tuy Hòa

Leg 15: Tuy Hòa-Nha Trang

Leg 16: Nha Trang-Phan Rang

Leg 17: Phan Rang-Đà Lạt

Leg 18: Đà Lạt-Bảo Lộc

Leg 19: Bảo Lộc-Sài Gòn

Leg 20: Sài Gòn-Cần Thơ

Leg 21:  Cần Thơ-Cà Mau

Leg No. 9:  Ðồng Hới-Huế (164 km).  

On this leg, you will leave Ðồng Hới and bike on Highway 1A toward the towns of Hồ Xá, Gio Linh, Ðông Hà, Hải Lăng, Phong Ðiền, and Huế.

This leg marks the first century of the Tour de Viet Nam (Xuyen Viet) ride-102 miles.  Undoubtedly, this is the longest leg of the trip thus far.  For those who prefer a shorter leg, we recommend dividing this leg into two smaller legs: Ðồng Hới – Ðông Hà (about 100 km) and Ðông Hà – Huế (64 km).  If you choose to do the century, we recommend biking early in the morning, so you can get to Huế before sunset.  On this leg, you are still riding through the central part of Vietnam.  The sites and sceneries are as dazzling as the previous legs.  There are some small hills to climb.  You will go through isolated areas with patches of sand and very little inhabitants.  The highlight of this ride is that you will be able to witness and cross-over the infamous Hien Luong bridge.  This bridge once delineates the boundary of separation of what were then two separate countries at war: North Vietnam and South Vietnam (1954-1975).  Remember to take a few moments to view this site and pay homage to the countless number of Vietnamese who suffered and loss their lives as a result of the war.  Continuing on Highway 1A, the road will eventually take you to the city of Huế, the famous city of past kings and monarchs.  You may want to spend a day in Huế for site seeing.  The city is littered with famous sites, such as the Citadel and the Thiên Mụ pagoda.  There are foods unique to Huế, such as Bún Bò Huế and small pastries, that you may want to become acquainted when in Huế.  Spending a day in Huế is well worth your time.