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Thank you for visiting "Xe Ðạp Xuyên Việt" website.

We are a group of bike enthusiasts with the same passion: to utilize a two wheel contraption – a metallic work horse to take us over many miles from north to south to see this breathtakingly beautiful country that is called Vietnam.  In the early founding days of our bike group, many had advised us against such a precarious undertaking to a relatively undeveloped country… indeed it was a risky undertaking but the rewards of seeing the country, its vast landscape, its breathtaking beaches, its beautiful people had made the journey an indelible experience.

When the group embarked on our first Vietnam bike journey, it was on a drizzly December morning in 1999.  We approached this first ride with much trepidation as many members had little knowledge about the geographical terrain, the places to eat, and the nightly accomodations along the way.  From this first journey, much was learned about bike riding in Vietnam that has helped us in the preparation for subsequent rides across this beautiful country.  This website was created to share this information with you so you can gain a better insight and preparation for a bike ride across Vietnam, if you decide to do so.

You are at the home page of Xe Dap Xuyen Viet Website.  Please feel free to browse through the accompanying links.  There is a wealth of information on our group’s bike experience.  We also added some pictures taken along the trip.  They included people and sceneries that can be observed along the trip route.  

Our hope is that Xe Dap Xuyen Viet website will give you a glimpse of what to expect on a two wheel voyage across this breathtakingly beautiful country.  Remember, we are a group of bike enthusiasts who share the same passion: to see and get to know Vietnam, the country and the people.  We feel, for us, there is no better way to do this than on a bicycle.

We would like to thank you for visiting Xe Dap Xuyen Viet website.  Where our two wheel journey will end in Vietnam, no one knows.  We hope one day our path will cross again on some nameless road in Vietnam; bike beside bike, with the same passion that compelled us to undertake this journey.  If you need any advice or information regarding biking in Vietnam, contact us at:

We wish you success in whatever you do and in whatever journey you may undertake in your life.