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Coastal Lowlands and Central Highlands

Leg 1: Tp HCM-Bà Rịa

Leg 2: Bà Rịa-La Gi

Leg 3: La Gi-Hòn Rơm (Mũi Né)

Leg 4: Hòn Rơm-Liên Hương

Leg 5: Liên Hương-Tân Sơn

Leg 6:  Tân Sơn-Đà Lạt

Leg 7: Đà Lạt-Krông Nô

Leg 8: Krông Nô-Buôn Ma Thuột

Leg 9: Buôn Ma Thuột-Gia Nghĩa

Leg 10: Gia Nghĩa-Đồng Xoài

Leg 11: Đồng Xoài-Tp HCM

Leg 10:  Gia Nghĩa-Ðồng Xoài (117 km)

On this leg, we leave Gia Nghia and continue biking on Highway 14 which took us through the towns of Kien Duc, Duc Phong, and Dong Xoai (rest destination).  Since we are still in the Cao Nguyen region, this leg is again marked with many climbs and descends.  The road is in relatively good condition.  Still, one has to be careful of the small and large pot holes which do appear every once in awhile on the road.  Be mindful of dehydration because uphill climbs under relatively warm weather can easily dehydrate the body.  Drink a lot of fluid along the way.  As we bike closer to Dong Xoai, we noticed at elevation has decreased to 140 meters above sea level.  At Dong Xoai, we are no longer in the Cao Nguyen region of Vietnam.  Near sea level, the road in and around Dong Xoai is relatively flat and level.  Our bike journey to the Central Highland is complete and we begin moving back towards Saigon.