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Coastal Lowlands and Central Highlands

Leg 1: Tp HCM-Bà Rịa

Leg 2: Bà Rịa-La Gi

Leg 3: La Gi-Hòn Rơm (Mũi Né)

Leg 4: Hòn Rơm-Liên Hương

Leg 5: Liên Hương-Tân Sơn

Leg 6:  Tân Sơn-Đà Lạt

Leg 7: Đà Lạt-Krông Nô

Leg 8: Krông Nô-Buôn Ma Thuột

Leg 9: Buôn Ma Thuột-Gia Nghĩa

Leg 10: Gia Nghĩa-Đồng Xoài

Leg 11: Đồng Xoài-Tp HCM

Leg 4:  Hòn Rơm-Liên Hương (86 km)

Be mindful of the increasingly strong headwinds on this leg.  The wind conditions here last generally from November to April.  On this leg, we again encounter problems with our map.  Road markers showed Road 716 as the road to leave Hon Rom for Lien Huong.  Our maps, however, shows Road 706.

Since we could not find Road 706 as stated on the map, we took Road 716 out of Hon Rom.  Road 716 hugged along the coast and is quite a windy and scenic ride.  We rode against a head wind nearly every inch of the way.  The nice ocean sceneries, however, made up for the difficult ride against an opposing wind.  The sceneries of the sea and the seashore are breathtaking until we reached Titan, a mining facility, where the pristine landscape is replaced by destruction/mining of the land.  We continued on Road 716 through the town, Luong Son Hoat, until it connected us back to Highway 1A.  Continuing on Highway 1A, we reached Lien Huong where we stop to rest for the night.   Being a small town, Lien Huong has only a few small rest facilities (including one large dormitory style rest house) that travellers can stay over night.