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Coastal Lowlands and Central Highlands

Leg 1: Tp HCM-Bà Rịa

Leg 2: Bà Rịa-La Gi

Leg 3: La Gi-Hòn Rơm (Mũi Né)

Leg 4: Hòn Rơm-Liên Hương

Leg 5: Liên Hương-Tân Sơn

Leg 6:  Tân Sơn-Đà Lạt

Leg 7: Đà Lạt-Krông Nô

Leg 8: Krông Nô-Buôn Ma Thuột

Leg 9: Buôn Ma Thuột-Gia Nghĩa

Leg 10: Gia Nghĩa-Đồng Xoài

Leg 11: Đồng Xoài-Tp HCM

Leg 5:  Liên Hương-Tân Sơn (89 km)

On this leg, we continued traveling North on Highway 1 through the towns of Ca Na and Phuoc Dan.  At Phuoc Dan, we left Highway 1 and took Road 703 moving north to the town of Thap Cham.  This road is smaller than the National Highway and is less congested with four wheel motor vehicles.  The road, however, is not in good condition and is filled with small and large potholes.  We rode on Road 703 until it intersects with Highway 27.  At this intersection, we began riding West into Tan Son and toward Da Lat City.  This town marks the the beginning point of our ride into Cao Nguyen, Vietnam’s Central Highlands.  At this highway, we also noticed the head winds plaguing us the last few days have abated considerably.  We rode for another 35 km on Highway 27 to get to Tan Son.  Tan Son is located around 12 km away from the foot of Ngoan Muc mountain pass.  We rested a night in this town before the big mountain climbs into Da Lat.