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Mống Cái-Cà Mau

Leg 1: Mống Cái-Tiên Yên

Leg 2: Tiên Yên-Hạ Long

Leg 3: Hạ Long-Hải Phòng

Leg 4: Hải Phòng-Nam Định

Leg 5: Nam Định-Thanh Hóa

Leg 6: Thanh Hóa-Vinh

Leg 7: Vinh-Kỳ Anh

Leg 8: Kỳ Anh-Đồng Hới

Leg 9: Đồng Hới-Huế

Leg 10: Huế-Đà Nẵng

Leg 11:  Đà Nẵng Quảng Ngãi

Leg 12: Quảng Ngãi-Bồng Sơn

Leg 13: Bồng Sơn-Quy Nhơn

Leg 14: Quy Nhơn-Tuy Hòa

Leg 15: Tuy Hòa-Nha Trang

Leg 16: Nha Trang-Phan Rang

Leg 17: Phan Rang-Đà Lạt

Leg 18: Đà Lạt-Bảo Lộc

Leg 19: Bảo Lộc-Sài Gòn

Leg 20: Sài Gòn-Cần Thơ

Leg 21:  Cần Thơ-Cà Mau

Leg No. 16:  Nha Trang-Phan Rang (106 km).

On this leg, you will continue biking South on Highway 1A toward the towns of Cam Ranh and Phan Rang.

This is the easiest leg to bike on of all the trans-Vietnam bike legs.  This feat is not easily accomplished without help – in the form of a tail wind.  The tail wind is so strong on this leg that you can bike at a pace of 30 km/hr without much effort.  On this leg, you will move away from the pristine beaches of Nha Trang.  On your far right ahead will appear the mountain ranges of Dak Lak, and the town of Phan Rang lies a mere 106 km away.  Along the way, you will see Tháp Chàm temples.  These are remnants of a once thriving civilization in Vietnam.  Although, the civilization no longer exists, the Tháp Chàm temples are a reminder of what’s left of this civilization.  You can observe the Tháp Chàm temples along Highway 1A before you enter into Phan Rang.  If you have time, take a detour and pay a visit to these temples.  They are rich in design and architecture.  Phan Rang is a small, idyllic town situated near the coast.  If you like staying near the water, Ninh Chử hotel, sits adjacent to the ocean waters.  Enjoy a swim in the luke-warm water before turning in for the night.  In Phan Rang, get to sleep early so you can get a good night’s rest.  The following day ride into the Highlands of Vietnam is guaranteed to be a long biking day.