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Mekong River Delta

Leg 1: Sài Gòn-Mỹ Tho

Leg 2: Mỹ Tho-Trà Vinh

Leg 3: Trà Vinh-Sóc Trăng

Leg 4: Sóc Trăng-Cà Mau

Leg 5: Cà Mau-Rạch Giá

Leg 6:  Rạch Giá-Châu Đốc

Leg 7: Châu Đốc-Cao Lãnh

Leg 8: Cao Lãnh-Tân An

Leg 9: Tân An-Sài Gòn

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Leg No. 1:  TP HCM-Mỹ Tho (62 km).

This is the starting leg of the Mekong River Delta (Ðồng Bằng Sông Cửu Long) ride.  The ride begins in TP HCM and travels in a direction of southwest on the Highway 1A.  Tân An will be the first major town you see prior entering the city of Mỹ Tho.  From HCM city's outskirt to Trung Lương "T" interesction, located near Mỹ Tho city, you will notice wide roads that accommodate both autos on the inside lanes and motorbike and pedestrians on the outer lanes.  This type of traffic lane configuration can be found throughout the south and is designed to help ease the flow of traffic in an area known for its high population of people.

The climate in southern Viet Nam is hot and humid.  The first 62 km of biking is intenionally planned short in order to help acclimatize riders to the hot and humid weather as well as acquainting them to the roads of Viet Nam.  To prevent dehydration and muscle cramps, riders should prepare to drink lots of fluids and eat plenty of food.