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Mekong River Delta

Leg 1: Sài Gòn-Mỹ Tho

Leg 2: Mỹ Tho-Trà Vinh

Leg 3: Trà Vinh-Sóc Trăng

Leg 4: Sóc Trăng-Cà Mau

Leg 5: Cà Mau-Rạch Giá

Leg 6:  Rạch Giá-Châu Đốc

Leg 7: Châu Đốc-Cao Lãnh

Leg 8: Cao Lãnh-Tân An

Leg 9: Tân An-Sài Gòn

Vietnamese (Home)

Leg No. 9:  Tân An-TP HCM (53 km).

This is the last biking leg of Xuyen Viet-Mekong River Delta trip.  From Tân An, you will travel on Highway 1A going North-East to the city of HCM.  Since this highway is the major artery into the city, it is extremely congested.  Although we found the roads to have expanded since 2005, the number of vehicles has increased and is as congested as ever.  Excercise caution when riding on this congested road into the city.

The road to Saigon will become increasingly congested and become smaller.  You must be vigilant and constantly alert to the surrounding to avoid mishaps and accidents.  There are many stops within the city.  For those biking on clipless pedals, take care in unclipping them during routine stops.  Otherwise, you might lose your balance and fall from the bike.

Saigon!  What more can be said about this bustling metropolis.  The cities frequented in this ride will pale in comparison to the noise and sheer number of people you find in Saigon.  Here, you will find posh accommodations, trendy restaurants, and many high-rise buildings.  Take some time to relax and sightsee this bustling metropolis of Viet Nam prior to going back home.