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1999 Cycling Trip (Hà Nội-Đà Lạt)

December 23, 1999 marks the beginning of what will be many memorable trans-Vietnam bike ride for our group.  Since this was our group’s first bike journey in Vietnam, there were a lot of uncertainties and worries surrounding this ride.  Five members (Tan, Minh, Linh, Khiem, and Benny) signed on for the ride.  Not knowing what to expect and worries about safety on the road, we brought along a guide and rented a van as back-up support.

We planned this first ride with the focus on safety.  Due to lack of experience, we decided to ride all our bike legs between large cities knowing that food and accommodations can easily be sought in larger cities than smaller ones.  The drawback, however, was that the distances between some large cities in Vietnam were simply too long for a day’s bike ride.  To make things more difficult, a major flood ravaged Vietnam in 1999, washing out a stretches of Highway 01, Vietnam’s national highway.  This is one highway that we traveled on going from Hanoi to Saigon.  Thus, on some legs (such as Vinh – Dong Hoi, Dong Hoi – Hue, Quang Ngai – Quy Nhon, Quy Nhon – Nha Trang, Phan Rang – Dalat) were both long and difficult to bike.  We ended this ride in Dalat and forego the last two legs: Dalat – Bao Loc and Bao Loc – Saigon.

This first bike ride has given us valuable experience.  We got a taste of biking through this beautiful country.  We saw its landscape and its people.  The impressions they made upon us were indelible; it was truly a ride that we had envisioned.  We now know what is like and what to expect in riding through Vietnam.  This experience served as a guide for subsequent trans-Vietnam bike rides.   The 1999 bike ride is the only beginning of what will be many more memorable bike rides across Vietnam.





Hà Nội-Thanh Hóa

160 km (99 miles)


Thanh Hóa-Vinh

138 km (86 miles)


Vinh-Đồng Hới (Partially completed)

200 km (125 miles)


Đồng Hới-Huế (Partially completed)

164 km (102 miles)


Nghỉ chân ở Huế


Huế-Đà Nẵng

106 km (66 miles)


Đà Nẵng-Quảng Ngãi

130 km (81 miles)


Quảng Ngãi-Quy Nhơn (Partially completed)

178 km (111 miles)


Quy Nhơn-Nha Trang (Partially completed)

241 km (150 miles)


Nghỉ chân ở Nha Trang


Nghỉ chân ở Nha Trang


Nha Trang-Ninh Chữ

106 km (66 miles)


Ninh Chữ-Đà Lạt

113 km (70 miles)

Distance from Ha noi to Da Lat is 1536 km (955 miles); Divided into 10 stages; Completed in 13 days.

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